Dancing Petrel

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Dancing Petrel vineyard is on Paewhenua Island, nestled in the beautiful setting of Mangonui Harbour, and accessed via State Highway 10 in the Far North.

Dancing Petrel Vineyard and Winery on Paewhenua Island, sits in the heart of Mangonui Harbour, Northland. The microclimate of Paewhenua Island combined with the north-facing slopes provides fantastic growing conditions, producing wines we are really proud of.

Wines produced are very high quality. Michael Cooper has reviewed our wines with 4 and 5 stars. The vineyard was established in 2006 and we now produce reds, whites, rose and sparklings with some interesting varieties. Try the Tannat or Arneis. Our wines can be found in many restaurants in Northland and further afield. Come for a tasting, relax and enjoy our fabulous water's edge location.

How to Find Us

2/2958 State Highway 10
Paewhenua Island Mangōnui
New Zealand

Opening Times

11.00am - 5.00pm most days.