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Understand your customers’ needs and develop a winning value proposition with this one-day workshop, designed around the proven ‘Jobs To Be Done’ framework. The Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit one-day workshop was designed for leaders and managers that want to ensure that their product and value proposition are designed with the customer's needs in mind. The workshop will help you reframe how you present your offering - from a product or technology-based solution to one that’s customer-centric. Central to the workshop is the ‘Jobs to be Done’ framework, which provides a unique perspective to market validation. You’ll be introduced to the idea that people ‘hire’ products and services to get a ‘job’ done, and you’ll delve into the emotional and social value of those jobs. Unlike most other theory-led workshops, you’ll have time set aside to apply what you’re learning to your own business or product. You’ll be with other leaders overcoming similar challenges, so you’ll also get the chance to network and learn from each other. You’ll leave with personalised research plan and list of actions to implement in your business. Plus, you’ll be offered a one-to-one follow-up call with the workshop facilitator to see how you’re getting on and offer additional support. Benefits to your business: - Achieve product-market fit, faster - Enhance Customer satisfaction, launching existing products in new markets - Greater clarity in the team - A reusable framework - Reassure investors The workshops covers eight key areas: - Define customer progress - Describe the customer’s circumstances - Define obstacles - Explore alternative pathways - Create ‘Jobs to be Done’ statements - Create market assumptions - Data sources and methods - Qualitative research Who is it for: Businesses of all kinds will benefit from the workshop. Those who will benefit the most are: - Mid to senior level, with direct influence on product development, or sales and marketing. - Working on bringing a new product to market, or re-launching an ailing one. The workshop is open to organisations registered in New Zealand. Event details: Pre-workshop: pre-reading will be shared in the week before by the facilitators Workshop: Wednesday 29 November 2023, 9am - 5pm Post-workshop: optional follow up discussion with the workshop facilitators Cost: $695 (excluding. GST and booking fee) To confirm your place please register no later than Friday 24 November 2023.

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The Orchard Business and Event Hub - Mahi Tah, Whangarei

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Wednesday 29 November 2023