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An experiential workshop brought to you by Yuan Qigong Northland.

We are happy to announce that Fiona, an accomplished qigong teacher, will join us to share how Ren Xue has enriched and improved her life. This is her first time teaching in Whangarei, an opportunity not to be missed!

Join us for a day of restorative practices, heart opening meditations and inspiring stories. Practice moving qigong and feel a deep sense of calm and vibrant, health-giving qi (energy). Deepen your connection with yourself, others, and nature through guided meditation.

Meet Fiona: she first discovered Ren Xue Qigong when she was suffering from a life-threatening chronic illness. Through Ren Xue, she regained her vitality and health. She learned a new way of being, to live in a relaxed and calm state, in harmony with others and the world. Inspired by what Ren Xue can offer, she now guides others on the Ren Xue path of growth and wisdom.

Ren Xue was founded by Yuan Tze in 2002. His teachings combine ancient wisdom with modern science in an exceptional form of qigong, based on The Science of Human Life. Through Ren Xue you can improve your energy and physical health, resolve unhealthy ways of thinking and feeling, and open your heart and consciousness. The practice includes moving qigong, healing, and meditative practices.

Lunch provided (gluten free/vegan).
Beginners welcome!
Cost: $75-$120, pay what you can. We are happy to accommodate what you can afford!
Limited spaces: rsvp with Isabelle at or 0272765596 or message us on our Yuan Qigong Northland Facebook page.
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From $120


The Studio, Whangarei

Event Dates

Saturday 11 March 2023