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In 'Brickell-brac', artists Karl Fritsch and Laurie Steer and friends have created a site-specific response to, and celebration of, the work of legendary ceramicist, writer and conservationist Barry Brickell. The project was inspired by the collaborative, egalitarian creative environment cultivated by Brickell at his Driving Creek studio, which became a mecca for the New Zealand ceramics community from 1974 onwards.

For this exhibition, one ton of clay is being shipped from Driving Creek in Coromandel to Whangarei, where Karl, Laurie and a revolving cast of invited collaborators will use it as the foundation of a process-oriented exhibition of unfired work. In keeping with the spirit of autonomy and practicality that Brickell fostered in his life and work, the furniture, plinths and shelves for the exhibition will be constructed using recycled materials from the gallery’s storage warehouse.
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Whangarei Art Museum, Whangarei

Event Dates

Monday 2 January 2023