Botanica Whangarei

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Botanica Whangarei is a small oasis of green in the centre of the city. Enjoy the range of lush subtropicals, cactus house, fragrant temperates and native fernery.

Enjoy the colourful and exotic palms, orchids, bizarre cacti and succulents, fragrant subtropical plants, native ferns and filmy ferns.

The Marge Maddren Fernery houses a large collection of native ferns, trees and shrubs found in New Zealand and it’s offshore islands.

The Snow Conservatory is home to a wonderful collection of tropical and subtropical plants – a tropical hideaway complete with birdsong and the gentle cascade of the waterfall.

The Cactus House uses passive solar heating to recreate the hot arid conditions that cacti and succulents revel in.

Botanica is also available to hire for weddings, photos, and other functions.


If you want to visit New Zealand bush but don’t fancy the tramp then why not visit the Marge Maddren Fernery, one of New Zealand’s largest collections of native ferns. Opened in December 1987 the fernery is a stunning collection that shows the huge varieties of ferns to be found in New Zealand.

Nestled in the fernery is the Filmy Fernhouse. This purpose built adobe brick structure houses our collection of filmy ferns, normally found in the cool moist recesses of New Zealand Bush.

Travel round the plant kingdom in our ever changing foyer display; there’s something new every month. It could be a taste of the orient, an Italian vista or an English country garden.

After touring the cool moist fernery warm up a little in the sub tropical conservatory. The Snow Conservatory was built in 1970 and houses a small jungle of exotic beauties from elegant orchids to graceful palms. The waterfall adds the final dimension and you won’t be able to resist taking time out to sit and soak up the atmosphere.

The Cactus House uses passive solar heating to recreate the hot arid conditions that cacti and succulents revel in. This House also has stunning murals transforming the walls into a surreal desert landscape, and a collaborative sculpture presented to the Complex by the four artists who exhibited their work in June 1996. This Horticultural Haven is staffed by the most enthusiastic plants people you could ever meet and they are always happy to meet new plant enthusiasts and offer gardening advice; or perhaps you have some horticultural triumphs or tips you would like to share.

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