Biggie Bagels

Food & Drink

Hand-rolled, sourdough bagels filled with fresh ingredients and house smoked meats.

At Biggie, we’re a team of passionate food and coffee lovers. Founded by husband and wife duo Mark and Agnes in 2017, the aim was to do something simple, but make it great. From their kids’ love of rap music, and the couple’s past success baking bread and making the perfect brew, Biggie Bagels was born.

Now the shop is a hustling local landmark with customers traveling from far and wide to try our house cured meats, cold smoked salmon, and specialty sourdough bagels. With a team that’s more like family, and customers who are more like friends, this little eatery is bringing something unique to Whangarei.

How to Find Us

7 Bank St
Whangarei CBD Whangarei 0110
New Zealand

Opening Times

Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 3pm, Saturday: 7am - 2pm