Austen Found: Undiscovered Musicals of Jane Austin

Whats On

Saturday night comedy in the Kaeo Town Hall Come and enjoy an entirely improvised Austenian Musical, with Penny Ashton (Olive Copperbottom, Promise and Promiscuity, Sense and Sensibility, Hot Pink Bits) on her 5th tour with AOTNZ.

Bringing along her most accomplished improvising friend; Lori Dungey (M3GAN, Lord of the Rings, Xena) and her most melodical musical maestro; Jamie Burgess (Canterbury Opera, K Rd Strip, Basil Fawlty) to perambulate the NZ countryside spreading laughter and delightful bonnets as they go.

Suits a mature audience. No interval. Complete Sell-out Comedy Festival (2007 and 2021) and Adelaide Fringe (2010). All proceeds to Whangaroa community services.

How to Find Us
From $18.5


Whangaroa Memorial Hall, Kaeo, Bay of Islands

Event Dates

Saturday 26 August 2023