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Don’t miss Alexandra on her 22/23 summer tour around North Island!
Offering her favourite movement mediums to passionate movers.

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Yoga flow with yoga nidra
Flow through a sequence of suspended poses that will relax the body, open the lungs to breathe more fully, and strengthen the muscular system. Find stillness and a heightened awareness with a guided yoga nidra to end the session.

Classical movement
Mixing ballet and yoga ideology to invite the body into an expanded energy of grace and fluidity. Bringing a new twist to the old tradition.

Elemental Flow
An ecstatic dance wave guided with an elemental theme. We are nature, and when we uniquely understand this, we can begin to move through life in deep connection to heart, honouring respect to all living things.
Elemental flow sessions give us the space to start or re-emerge on this sacred journey.

About Alexandra:

Her expertise rests in her 30 years of ballet knowledge, traveling to countries worldwide to perform, choreograph, and direct. Performing in places such as the Sydney opera house. She has breathed ballet and has been influenced by some of the best teachers and dancers in the world to give forward their brilliant ideas of how to best train the mind and body into artistry, strength, and flexibility. Some notable influences; Tanya Pearson, Marilyn Rowe Lucinda Dunn, Li Cuxin,,Veronique Jean.

Born in New Zealand. Leaving her home at 14 years to make dance her
career. She studied in Sydney with Tanya Pearson, gaining a scholarship to the Palucca Schuler in Dresden, Germany at 16yrs. Progressing to perform with Australian and French companies, such as Melbourne Dance Theatre, with the honour of principal role in the ballet Swan Lake. Alongside performing she was producing shows to finding her main passion in choreography.
Picked up by a NYC Choreographer Laura Rae Bernasconi whilst living in Amsterdam she continued to dance alongside her yogic career which unfolded after a 500 hr ttc in Rishikesh, India. Teaching at places such as the Conscious Club in Amsterdam , Anahata in Golden Bay NZ. She was attracting yoga instructors to her classes.
Her dance and yogic lifestyle began to merge as she formed Dance of the Elements which involved her in festivals and workshops such as the international yoga festival NZ , summer series Amsterdam.
Now located in Golden Bay, NZ she continues to teach ballet, contemporary film as a trustee of Dance Collective Mohua. As well as choreography, elemental dance , yoga sessions, and retreats.
She’s currently transitioning into offering movement healing in nature, influenced by SF based deep embodiement coach Serafina Stefana.

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Just Thrive, Whangarei

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Wednesday 4 January 2023