Aerial Silks & Lyra Hoop School Holiday Program

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Let your kids go wild with us this school holiday!

Four hours of Games, Lyra Hoop, Aerial Silks, Fun & Laughter! Your child will experience so many incredible benefits from doing Aerial Silks & Lyra Hoop with us!

Improves Focus & Attention
Increases Mindfulness
Develops Better Balance
Builds Strength
Boosts Confidence
Promotes Healthy Brain
Improves Motor Skills
Calming Sensory Experience
Encourages Teamwork, Supporting One-Another & Social Interaction!

Leave your kids with us and come back later to watch a mini-show where they can show you everything they've learned!

Term time classes available - contact us for more info.

How to Find Us
From $50


The Wild Untamed, Whangarei

Event Dates

Wednesday 12 October 2022