8-day all inclusive Taste of New Zealand Elite Northland Paradise Tour

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C'Mon DownOver! The better way to see & experience gorgeous NZ for the first time is all in one place, Winterless Northland. We offer exclusive Mega Gold & Elite Paradise Tours from Auckland, to showcase the world-renowned stunning Twin Coasts.

We are an exclusive touring company showcasing Rarotonga, Auckland- NZ's largest city, Northland & the World renowned stunning & unique Twin Coast Paradise - absolutely picturesque. Our tour packages surprise & delight in an elegant way giving both an experience & interaction for our international guests with the land & the people that live there. NZ, the South Pacific's Triple Star - 3 islands of beauty lying beneath the Southern Cross. Crystal clear waters, green rolling hills & white sand beaches - a spectacular land of nature that is barefoot safe with no snakes. We are sending y'all in Texas & USA a loud invitation to c'mon downover & mega-tour with us. Time to take your boots off & walk along our sand. "Tumeke" - it means Awesome.

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Minimum Age: 18


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