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Five evening classes on a Thursday night with Stephanie Holloway, Body Language Coach.

Gain an understanding on how to assess, interpret, and decode non-verbal communication.

This course is aimed at helping you to decipher what you send out yourself (your encode), and what you see in others, (the decode).

Body language is part science, part observation and part intuition. You’ll be shown how to use these three things during human interactions to help you make an informed decision about what is really happening.

Ideally you will commit to joining in, be ok with pulling faces (no embarrassment necessary) to feel what micro expressions feel like on your own face (welcome to my world lol). We’ll be watching some videos, watching each other, and watching ourselves.

This is an interactive, feel good, change your life kinda course, that will leave you buzzing with information.
At some part during the 5 weeks I usually organise an outy bout coffee or meal where if you want to, you can join in to practice your skills in real life. (This part is optional, – but so much fun, and is not included in the fee for the course).

Body language is...

Easy to notice (if you’re paying attention)

Impossible to forget (once you know what you are looking at)

The way you make your mark on the world (whether others realise it, or not!)

Please note that I do not teach week 5 – Deception as a stand alone lesson at any time, as you have to put everything else in context. So you will need to attend weeks 1-4 to attend week 5.

No refunds for missed classes, but notes are provided for all 5 weeks.

The price is $105 for ALL five weeks. Places are limited, so book early.
If you miss out this time I may put on again later in the year.

How to Find Us
From $105


Parua Bay Tavern, Whangarei Heads, Whangarei District

Event Dates

Thursday 1 September 2022