2.5 Hour Explore the Bay - Albatross V

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A great way to see the best of the bay. Join the Albatross V for a laid back, relaxing 2 ½ hour cruise around the pristine waters of the Bay of Islands. Enjoy being invigorated by the light sea breezes and entertained with a lighthearted commentary.
An exploration into the natural beauty of this area. Sit back, chill, relax and enjoy complimentary tea and coffee as Albatross V meanders through the Islands. Learn about Cook’s landing (the cannon ball story) and the gorgeous twin lagoon’s bay on Motuarohia island. Take in the splendour of the beautiful bays and beaches while taking in the natural environment and hearing about the rejuvenation process in place bringing back the birdsong to the area.

Although we do not proactively search for marine mammals the “Albatross V” is a favourite with them and it is not strange for dolphins to come from miles around just to say hi.
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From $45 – $85


Russell Wharf
New Zealand

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24 Hours