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Taitokerau Northland boasts some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most valuable natural assets – a sub-tropical climate, fertile land and a coastline that is among the world’s most beautiful. It’s often these assets and the innovativeness of our people that sparks the idea for starting or growing a business (pakihi) here.

Here at Northland Inc, our role is to support the growth of a thriving economy. We do this by supporting our businesses to grow and promoting all that Taitokerau Northland can offer to those interested in investing here.

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Whatever sector, size or stage your pakihi is at, we have a team of Growth Advisors who are ready to tautoko you in your next step.

Our Growth Advisors regularly travel around the rohe to meet business owners and kōrero about their needs and the tools that are available to support them. We customise the approach to ensure you have access to the knowledge, networks, training, funding or mentoring to suit your business.

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Taitokerau Northland is quickly developing a global reputation as a highly desirable place to invest, with unique competitive advantages across a range of industries and significant untapped productive potential.  

Our sights are firmly set on maximising the economic potential of all productive industries in the region. Get in touch to find out how we can help you invest here or find investors for your growing business. 

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Key Sectors

Although underpinned by primary production and manufacturing, Taitokerau Northland's economy is diverse. High-performing sectors include pastoral farming and processing, horticulture, tourism, and marine manufacturing.

Find out how our sectors fare in the current economic landscape and gain access to a wide range of online resources to gain more insights into how they work.

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1. Pastoral Farming

Pastoral Farming


Horticulture & Fruit Growing

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International Education

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Marine Manufacturing

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Digital Technology

Digital Technologies


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