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Mangawhai Surfers

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Northland is New Zealand’s narrowest region, which is fantastic news for surfers. If the waves aren’t pumping on one side, you can quickly swap coasts to find some action.

Learn to surf

If you don’t surf, but want to, you’ve come to the right part of NZ. There are surfing schools operating at several key beaches, so learn while you sample the best breaks on both coasts.

East Coast

Northland’s beautiful east coast is famous for white sand beaches, sweeping bays and clean, well-formed waves. There are more than 60 surfing spots to discover, so boredom is out of the question.

Travelling south to north, here are some highlights:

West Coast

The energetic Tasman Sea conjures up freight train sets that pound against the west coast beaches. You’ll find excellent breaks from Ninety Mile Beach to Ripiro Beach in the south.

Here are some highlights from Ninety Mile Beach: