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Mangungu Mission House, Horeke

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With its houses built on piles, the first Pub ever built in NZ (Horeke Hotel), and the legend of Cannibal Jack (Hokianga’s first settler) there is some fascinating history to discover.

Cannibal Jack describbed in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography as "sailor, convict, Pakeha-Maori, interpreter, shopkeeper, sawyer, carpenter [he helped build Horeke Tavern which still stands], soldier" - survives, 130 years after his death.

The nearby Wairere Boulders is the only valley worldwide of its kind! The boulder valley, thought to be 2.8 million years old, was formed by a lava flow which turned into a basalt layer. Erosion, and a couple of huge cracks, has led to a pile-up of thousands of the boulders on the valley floor, some of which are 30m high. The track through the 1.5km valley goes over, around and under the boulders, and takes you through rainforest and past many native trees, palms and ferns.