Haruru Falls

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Kayaking at Haruru Falls

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Haruru Falls just around the corner from Paihia showcases a breathtaking waterfall, Haruru meaning “big noise.” The water falls in a horseshoe shape - very rare and quite spectacular.

In the 1800s, more than 100 Maori villages lined the banks of the Haruru River which flows down to the sea at Waitangi. Maori legend says that a taniwha (water monster) lives in the lagoon below Haruru Falls.

Sightseers should visit Haruru Falls, Haruru means ‘big noise’: a good indication that these unusual, horseshoe-shaped falls are worth seeing. You can drive there but there’s an excellent walking track between the Falls and the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, part of it a raised boardwalk over mangroves