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Waipoua Forest

Northland has some unique selling points - Culture, Coast and Kauri and the ‘Twin Coast Discovery’ Touring Route.

Northland Tourism Product Directory 2016

The Northland Tourism Product Directory is an essential tool for sellers and distributors of Northland holidays and conferences. **To download, ‘click to read’ to go full-screen - click download button.

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We want you to use the Northland brand! It's proud & aspirational, just like Northlanders, and it's here to be used.

Here you can check out the guidelines to help you use the brand, and access resources including: Image library

Trade Newsletter

Take a look below at a roundup of the new Northland product and developments. We’ve also included itinerary fillers and information on restaurants and cafes which help to round out itineraries to Northland. As always, if you have any specific questions on Northland and its products.

Read newsletter here: Northland & Bay of Islands (NZ) - Travel Trade Update July 2016

Regional Information

Northland is NZ's Subtropical Region

Sample Itineraries

These itineraries will help you discover the types of activities and experiences that Northland has to offer. Northland’s twin coast is full of diversity that comes to the fore with your own vehicle and a little time.

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