Helping to grow Māori and Northland economy

Posted on May 08, 2017

Image supplied: Parengarenga Inc.
Image supplied: Parengarenga Inc.

Growth for the Māori economy in Northland means growth for the region, and one Māori entity having a significant economic impact is Parengarenga Incorporation – a landholding Trust based in the Far North.

Recently Northland Inc’s CEO David Wilson and GM Māori Economic Development George Riley visited Parengarenga Inc and described the Trust’s current holdings and strategic direction as “extremely impressive”. 

Parengarenga Inc currently holds 40,000 stock units on a 5,900ha sheep and beef farm and 4900 ha in forestry. They also have substantial land holdings on the beautiful Parengarenga harbour with a significant camping ground.  Logs for the Asian markets and bull (grind) beef for the American hamburger market are their current contributors to Northland exports, and they have tourism, apiculture and horticulture in their sights. They have a strong focus on working with other Maori owned entities to gain economy of scale across all of their business sectors.

“This combination of new commercial thinking building on a strong asset base  that truly embraces the importance of Tai Tokerau Māori epitomises Māori economic development, sustainable employment and increased prosperity,” said George. 

For support in the area of Maori economic development in Northland contact the Maori economic development team at Northland Inc.