Workshops: Crafting your NZ Story

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Business event located at The Orchard Business & Event Hub

Every NZ business has a unique story to tell.  As a progressive nation of creative idea-makers, delivering new solutions whilst always caring for people and place, New Zealand stands out from the rest of the world.  

This workshop is designed to help you bring your New Zealandness to life and leverage the reason why so many markets consider our products and services above others.

The workshop (valued at $650) is fully funded and facilitated by experienced coaches. They will challenge you to not only think differently about your business, but equip you with a way to define your offering using a simple, value-based chapter framework.

The workshop is busy, taking up only two and half hours, and the most value is derived by attendees who are business owners or marketing communications managers within an internationalising business.  Spaces are limited and workshops fill up fast. 

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Dates & Times

    Thursday, 30 November Time: 9:00 – 11:30am

Event Location

    Distinction Whangarei Hotel & Conference Centre 9 Riverside Drive, Whangarei