Lunch Box Session #9 - Business vs Rugby: How to get your business match-fit.

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Business event located at The Orchard Business & Event Hub

This is the NINTH event in The Orchard Business and Event Hub's new knowledge sharing series "Lunch Box Sessions".

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  • Session Topic:  Business vs Rugby—How to get your business match-fit!

  • Session Presenter:  Susan Cooney—Business Success Partner with Thexton Cowan Consulting

  • Learning Outcomes:  What does winning look like to your business?  In this session, you will learn how to train like a business athlete and execute your individual winning game plan using match-fit strategies.

  • More about the presenter:  Susan brings over 30 years of business experience across industry and role including consulting, operational management, marketing, training and public speaking. She has worked in New Zealand and internationally in both corporate and SME environments. Her skills in training provide a natural platform from which to help business owners identify their true business and whole-of-life goals and develop the means to attain them.

ABOUT LUNCH BOX SESSIONS:  The Lunch Box Sessions are quick smart; only 30 mins and hosted every THIRD Thursday during your lunch break.  Each session has a learning outcome and is designed to be the transfer of 'bite-sized' information & skills that you can start to utilise in your work life instantly. Because who doesn't love learning and improving efficiency?

Dates & Times

    Date: 22nd June – Time: 12.45–1.45

Event Location

    85 Cameron Street. Level one, corner of Cameron and Walton Streets, entry off Walton, Whangarei