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Tourism statistics including the Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) and Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (spend data).

Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) - May 2017

Latest data from Statistics New Zealand shows that Northland is leading the country again in terms of increase in guest nights from one year ago.

In May 2017, Northland recorded the largest increase in guest nights (up 17,000 or 19.6 percent) from May 2016. This was followed by Auckland (up 16,000 or 2.8 percent), Mackenzie (up 15,000 or 33.7 percent), Hawke’s Bay (up 10,000 or 15.1 percent), and Wellington (up 9,000 or 4.8 percent). Dunedin recorded the only decrease (down 400 or 0.6 percent).

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Guest Nights - May 2017
Guest Nights - May 2017

Northland tourism spend - June 2017

Northland continues to perform in the top of the pack around New Zealand’s regions.

In June the regions with the fastest growing tourism spend were West Coast, which increased 15 per cent to $540 million over the year to June 2017, followed by Tasman (up 12 per cent to $310 million) and Northland (up 10 per cent to $1.1 billion).

Driven by the DHL NZ Lions Series 2017, spending from the UK market for the month of June 2017 was around double that of June 2016. Additional spending was seen across all regions, suggesting that UK visitors here for the games travelled widely around New Zealand.

In absolute terms, the strongest growth in UK spending occurred in Auckland (up 97 percent to $25 million), Wellington (up 164 percent to $12 million), and Otago (up 74 percent to $11 million).

In Northland in June 2017, an additional $6 million was spent compared to June 2016, and annual spend for YE 2017 is now pumping an additional $98 million into Northland over the YE June 2016.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates 2017

Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.
Click on the chart to launch MBIE's interactive graphics - then select Northland.

International Visitor Arrivals – July 2016 - June 2017

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