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The Northland or Te Tai Tokerau region has an important role in Maori and Polynesian history by being the southern tip of the Polynesian triangle, the landing place for several dozen waka and contains several points of early European contact and colonisation.

Within the economy, pre-colonisation evidence shows active trade and wise management of natural resources including horticulture and fisheries for sustainability, the ultimate outcome for Maori people of oranga, or wellness and for the interdependent relationship between tangata (people) and whenua (land).

Today the region still has a strong Maori population and approximately 200,000 claim it as their turangawaewae. The challenges of balance between European settlers and the principles of Tai Tokerau Maori are well documented and describe, for many reasons a downturn in successful Maori influence on the economy.

In recognition of the collective desire for change in the region, with a future that truly embraces the Importance of Tai Tokerau Maori and their potentially significant economic impact, a Maori economic development strategy is well underway.

Northland Inc in partnership with a Northland Iwi-led collective are dedicated to the principles and goals of this strategy, which present meaningful steps for Maori in the community, business and the economy.

A Maori Economic Growth strategy, ‘He Whenua, He Tangata, He Oranga’ has been constructed by the Tai Tokerau Iwi Chief Executive Consortium.

Support and assistance for Maori business

Growth for the Maori economy in Northland means growth for all of Northland. Of course, all business services provided by Northland Inc. are available to Maori, but within the team we have experience and knowledge of approaches which better serve Maori. It’s the combination of new commercial thinking and a true understanding of a Maori culture that is ready for growth and prosperity that will lead the change.

Contact us today to discuss how the new future of Northland can benefit the start-up or growth of your business.

George Riley General Manager, Maori Economic Development
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George Riley

George's role reinforces an improved focus on growing the Northland Maori economy with a view to generating sustainable employment and increased prosperity. He works alongside of the Business Innovation and Growth team to deliver support to Maori enterprises available from within the region and from central government, as part of the Regional Business Partnership with NZTE and Callaghan Innovation.

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