“Northland loves fresh-thinking innovators and we want to help with the research and development that’s often needed to bring these new ideas to life. Use the tools and advice here to navigate your innovation pathway”.

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Innovation Toolkit

Check out the toolkit at the Innovate Resource Hub for a collection of useful resources. There's guides and links designed to support your innovation pathway and if you want to speak to one of our team at any time, don't hesitate to get in touch via our online form or click on one of our profiles for our individual contact details.

Your Innovation Pathway

So you’ve identified a gap in the market or believe you may just have ‘the next big thing’? Breaking new ground is challenging and often a solo journey but with some belief and right advice it can be very rewarding.

Callaghan Innovation is an important national innovation partner with a key aim of making New Zealanders fresh ideas a reality. On their website you'll find a comprehensive set of tools designed specifically to assist research, development and innovation. They provide R&D grants, support technology and product development, connect you with experts and are here to help build your innovation skills.

The Business Innovation and Growth team here at Northland Inc are always happy to help point you in the right direction for resources and support and to test and develop your ideas so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Regional Research Office (RRO)

The RRO has been established to connect you with the expertise required to progress your research and development project. Specialising in research and innovation, the RRO is a direct channel to research facilities and expert advice from around the world.

Simply fill in the online RRO inquiry form to get the ball rolling with one of our team and find out more about how you can benefit from the RRO.

We are currently undertaking research into the current and furture potential around the use of 3D printing for a number of sectors. We have partnered with Northtec in this piece of research and you can find out more about this project here or via the link at the bottom of the page.

Funding Your Research and Innovation

One of the most challenging parts of embarking on research and innovation journey is understanding how you will be able to cover all the costs of the project while maintaining your day-to-day business. The Regional Business Partner (RBP) Programme is one channel that may provide some assistance. For a comprehensive overview of funding options and assistance, head over to the Funding and Investment section.

Industry Alliance

Your innovation ideas may have highlighted advantages that could be gained by being part of a larger industry group. It’s true there is strength in numbers and that’s why it could be worth looking into the Business Coalition Programme which looks to support joint representation across industries within the region.

Maori Business Innovation

Check out the Maori Economic Development section to see what resources may be available to develop your innovation ideas that have a specifically Maori focus.

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